Pretentious Assholes

by Cold World



Nimmervoll - vocals
Rossiwall - guitar
Zinner - drums
Wieser - bass

Recorded by Haig Avedikian & Gerhard Wieser at Vienna Power Station on June 5th and 6th, 1993
Choir boys on "This Is for You": CW & Haig
Mixed & mastered by TT at Hell Lab in December, 2013
Cover photo: Philipp Kreidl

Thank you (1993):
Ken & Sound Pollution, Haig & Holy Sound, Mark, Stiftl, Kalv & ex-Heresy, Why Not, Rave Up
Thank you (2013):
TT (the wizard) & Doris, Didi of Sonar Music Productions for digital transfer of the original 24-track-analog-tape


released September 1, 1993



all rights reserved


Cold World Wien, Austria

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Track Name: This Is for You
This is for the kids
Ain't no fucking piece of art
But that's what Hardcore has become
Cause the energy seems gone

Listen up
It's for you
This is for you

Narcissistic idealists
Play artificial tunes
The youth looks for kicks somewhere else
In here there's little room

Selfimportant smart-alecks
Praise themselves into the skies
Badmouth anything that's wild
Spread rumours, gossip, lies
What a bore

But this is for the kids
And for those who like it rough
For you here's our energy
The others can get lost
Track Name: Average
What I hate most about your left-wing stand
About you who never had dirt on your hands
You live in empty phrases and dead words
Listening to you makes me sick and it hurts

Saw people like you come and go
Your name is average
Nothing's uncommon about you

You ride this kind of attitude like some wave
And you're ready to jump off any day
Then you'll leave all your ideals behind
Rejoin the upper class, kids of the sorted kind

Never learned the rules of the game called life
You don't know the struggle
You don't know the strife

Do I have to take a stand?
Do I have to reach my hand?
I don't need no attitude
And I don't think that I should

I don't care a bit
I don't give no shit
You are flogging some dead horse
You try to keep it alive by force

This is my answer
And please
Leave us alone

My heart beats for the forgotten suburban youth
Life doesn't give them any chance to party and study like we do
For a small place in the sun they have learned to fight
And if they kick in your face judge them wrong or right

You think of yourself that you're working class
But if creatures like you occupy this once noble stance
They must lose their pride in being a working man
And if they kick in your face judge them wrong or right
Track Name: Servants Serving
Servants Serving

Servants Serving

Universal conscription
Coercive detention

Servants Serving

Jail for months
Or for years
Vicious circle
Servants Serving
Track Name: Hollow Pride
Sometimes I think the Middle Ages are still around
With so many people knowing what "good" or "bad" is all about
My parents often bored me with their helpfully meant advices
And so do those annoying bands with all their wrongs and rights

Some claim to know their truth from the streets
A yuppie gets his from his office seat
Two different lifestyles, two different sights
But what they share is they're both black and white

Truth and lie
Wrong and right
Quite often just phrases
Of some hollow pride

I don't care that you're so tough
I don't care your life's that rough
Seems you've swallowed "the truth" as a whole
You just don't tell me you know it all
Track Name: No Comment
Crawl on, little worm
Sharp claws and you'll get torn

Try to crawl now
Useless worm

Call us arrogant
Call us names
Call us what you want
We really are impressed

Ass-crawling HC is not quite my priority

Sacred egoists show nauseating traits

I won't even waste my spit on you
But don't take that for sure

Papa will feed you on
Now give us some more wisdom, son
Track Name: Questions
If our children ask us once
When these events will long be gone

Father did you cry?
Didn't something die inside?
Were you to blind to see?
Did you still enjoy your meals?
Did you have enough to eat
While innocents suffered under siege?
Father did you sleep at night?
Did you at least cry?

What are we going to say
If they ask us about these days?

What am I going to say?
How will I hide my shame?
Will I break out in tears?
All these questions I do fear