Split 12" w/ Extortion

by Cold World

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Nimmervoll - vocals
Rossiwall - guitar
Zinner - drums
Gürtler - bass

Music by Cold World 2009/2010
Lyrics by Nimmervoll, "Second Chance" & "Boardhole" by Rossiwall
Recorded 3/2010 by Christoph Filzwieser
Mixed 6/2010 by Martin Schirenc @ Vato Loco Studio, Vienna
Mastered 7/2010 by Rainer Spänle @ FFW Studios, Vienna
Cover by Rohan

Praises to Sandro, Rohan, Rhys, Clint Shortfuse, Ken Pollution, Filip Fuchs, Ondra, and Schurl for backing vocals


released July 11, 2012

After 2008's "Hands Off Our Music" 7" (Shortfuse Records) with its furious, brutal delivery, Vienna's COLD WORLD are back with their first full new recording since reuniting late 2007.
The focus on COLD WORLD's side of the split 12" with Australia's powerhouse EXTORTION lies on their 80s-Highspeed-Hardcore-roots (the 3 core members having played in Austria's premier Hardcore Punk band EXTREM) and early Powerviolence sound which they helped initiate on the European side of the Atlantic with releases on labels such as B-Core and Sound Pollution.
However the band is proudly still breaking every rule of the Punk Police, even if this means another 25 years in blastbeat obscurity away from any D-Beat-, Noise-Punk-, Post-Punk- or whatever-hype that just happens to be the retro flavor of the moment. COLD WORLD never fit in anywhere and couldn't care less to change this situation in 2012.

Damn, you know the gods of blast beats were smiling the day this record was announced.
Fans of the style will be familiar with Australia’s mighty EXTORTION, a band who’ve endeared themselves to legions of powerviolence nerds by honing the raw energy of genre forebears INFEST and SIEGE into a polished, precision-crafted riff machine. True to these bands’ legacy, EXTORTION’s brilliance lies not just in their ability to go fucking fast (the nine blurry seconds of “Burn Down” should lay waste to any doubts on that subject), but in the interplay between manic grind and memorable, tension-building slowdowns.
Austria’s COLD WORLD (not to be confused with the brotastic US band) sound punk as fuck no matter how eye-peeling the tempos get. Most surprising – and impressive – are their frequent flirtations with melody: a few where-did-that-come-from guitar solos along with some melodic walking basslines blew my mind by actually working on a grind record!
The two bands compliment each other perfectly without a hint of redundancy – the essential formula for a classic split.
(WB, MRR #355, December 2012)



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Cold World Wien, Austria

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Track Name: Second Chance
Rise up to me for one last time
Delight me with your presence
For a free kick to oblivion
For all springs to be erased

What if there's a time for a second chance?

Stay one more tiny wartime
For I will inhale peace
And lubricate so long stuck joints
With permanent disease

Rise up to me from your stained soil
Let cravings come to surge
A last corroding sunrise shows
As hand in hand we merge
Track Name: Low of Creation
There come the day
There come what may

Since man has come around everything falls down

There come the day
There come what may

Ruined earth, land and sea
Left mother earth in misery
Man has ravished and raped her sensation
She can’t take no more humiliation

Since man has come around everything falls down

Man’s oyster and he knew nothing better than to flush her right down the toilet

There come the day
There come what may
There come the day

The pride of creation received its present
The low of creation wasted it all
Track Name: Bloghole
Bloghole – what’s your goal?
Bloghole – what do you stand for?

In the name of virtual liberty
You kill the independent scene
You just sham a helping hand
Ruin small labels, hurt small bands

You leave a debris field behind, can’t you see?

Bloghole – what’s your goal?
Bloghole – what do you stand for?

You leave a debris field behind, can’t you see?
Can’t you see what’s at stake?

Hope you don’t get away with it
By no means you’ll get away with it

Bloghole – what’s your goal?
You strife for credibility
But you never had it and you never will
Track Name: Boardhole
I heard that someone said...

Boardhole - spread your lousy gossip
Wanker - jerking off and dissing
A sad and lonely overambitious wonk
With less social life than Mr. Monk

Big ballin’ incognito behind the screen
But when things get rough you’re nowhere to be seen

Ten tabs open but not a single clue
Pissing on active people is all you ever do
We wanted to see the boulevard down
But you just try to install your own, you clown

Boardhole - spread your lousy gossip
Wanker - jerking off and dissing

Not even a loudmouth, just a boardhole
Track Name: The Name of the Game
Economical predators
Wipe out all rivals and absorb the poor

Worldwide supremacy
Obey the order and abort your dignity

Puke on your ideals

Resistance is futile
Delete your dreams and erase human ideals

Multinational takeover
Hail eternal growth as it lasts forever

Guess the name of the game
Take no prisoners

As brutal as it gets
As good as it gets
Track Name: Choke On This One
Like a puppet on a string
A rat trapped in its cage
You follow well known dirt tracks
The path of least resistance

Please remain in file

Common people, common taste
Common lowlifes, human waste
Common savage, common hate
Common downfall, human fate

Someone please hand me a gun
Choke on this one
Track Name: Cruel World
Seems like I’m earthed with concrete boots
For all the troubles that I’ve been through
I’m tripping and I’m stumbling and I’m giving it my last shot
I give all I have, all I’ve ever got
For each step forward there are two steps back
Is someone playing tricks on me? What the heck!
It’s not even funny if this is my destiny
Stumbling from tragedy to what may be

(You’ve) lost so many loved ones along the way
Still there are so many things you’d have to say
But time is gonna heal all your wounds
Well, at least that is what you’ve been told
Pain doesn’t go away, you’ve been betrayed
Life goes on but it will never be the same
Still there’s hope that it was not all in vain
Never give up and start all over again

It’s a cruel world – be sure about that
And it’s getting colder as a matter of fact
But still tomorrow belongs to me